Sophie provides workshops in aerial hoop to aerial training spaces with various focuses. If you are interested in Sophie providing workshops to your studio please get in touch. The following is a list of examples of workshops, these can be combined or tailored to your requirements and different skill levels.

Hoop Flow

Sophie specialises in sequencing and flow making routines looks effortless and silky smooth using a variety of techniques. Learn choreography and key transitions to make your routines look graceful and elegant.

Hoop Spin

Learn to spin and fly as you learn the basics of spin theory: avoiding dizziness, how to maintain and control your spins and create beautiful centered rotations, beginning your spins with flares and pivots and "tornado" spins.

Hoop Dynamics

Drops, rolls and flips can make you stand out and wow audiences.

Learn basic drops and rolls working towards more advanced tombés and flips for experienced students.

Hoop Strop Work

The spanset (strop) that holds the hoop from the ceiling is a useful tool with it's own world of shapes, tricks and choreography.

Learn to mount/invert using the strop to combine ideas from aerial rope and silks creating new pathways of creativity.

Grounded Hoop

A lower hoop invites new ways to choreograph from the floor.

New spins, mounts, and tricks interacting with the ground and ways to manipulate the hoop using dance and floor work.